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The First PACAA Press Conference

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The Pan-African Collective for Advocacy and Action was initially created by a collection of Black/African Scholars, Activists, Community Organizers, and Academics, in an effort to discuss, deconstruct and critically analyze issues in America impacting the Black/African community. This organization is partly geared toward writing, developing and disseminating Policy Based papers focused on Collective/community based solutions and social change. However PACAA’s overarching goal is to utilize our collective skills, resources, and abilities in an effort to implement the Think Tank’s work in to community initiatives and advocacy based actions, while involving the Black/African community. We are also eager to build with other historically oppressed peoples,  and all whose land and sovereignty has been compromised by Western Imperialism and Institutional Racism. Collectively, and uncompromisingly, we can build a sustainable movement predicated on peace, cooperativeness, social justice, empowerment and human rights (healthcare, affordable housing, sovereignty, etc).

The PACAA emphasizes the fact that we are an independent organization, uncontrolled by corporations, individuals, or governments.Remaining independent will allow the PACAA to progressively focus our attentions and efforts towards myriad social issues such as: the Mass Incarceration of Africans, Imperialism, Institutional Racism, Healthcare, “Brain Drain”, History & Culture, Neo-Colonization and broadening Pan-Africanism, to name several.

The PACAA is not only involved in developing strategic policy papers, reports and symposiums, we are invested in actions and initiatives focused on all aspects of improvement in the day to day lives of African (Black) people. The PACAA’s work will never solely rest behind computer screens or in conference rooms; much of our work will find itself within many of the communities we are advocating on behalf of. Although we are based in the US, our work has no boundaries or barriers. With that in mind, we are eager to develop strong inroads with people/countries supportive of African Continental and Diaspora development and empowerment. We are also eager to build with other historically oppressed peoples (e.g., Indigenous people of the Americas, Latinos, all whose land and sovereignty has been compromised by Western Imperialism, etc).

PACAA is well aware that much of the world’s people of color are actively struggling to to gain control of their own destinies. Their ability to control their own destinies has been impeded by a purposeful attack on their human rights and overall sovereignty by a combination of Western imperialism, white supremacy, and the exploitative nature of capitalism.  PACAA is aimed at utilizing our resources and building with those aforementioned communities, in an effort to eradicate those social plagues. It is a human right to hold the ability to control one’s own destiny.

We strongly support the practice of pooling our collective resources and working in a cooperative manner with the communities we serve. Our organization is built to serve the community as best we can, not to distance ourselves from it. With this understanding PACAA’s foundation is uncompromisingly community oriented.

Some of the areas the PACAA focuses on are, but not limited to; Mass Incarceration in the African community, Gentrification, Economic issues, Culture at a form of Political Expression, Developing Political alternatives to the current American two-party structure and “offerings”, Education, and developing global Pan-African partnerships.

If you are interested in more information and ways to get involved email the PACAA at: pacaa@thepacaa.org


The Pan-African Collective for Advocacy & Action